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On hard days of recession; A village without unemployment

On hard days of recession; A village without unemployment is a wonde.What is happening now in the Dehmola village.But it’s foundation must be search in the last 25 years.
The first production site of Teb Plastic Company was established about 25 years ago in a village near Shahroud called Dehmola. Currently, this village is mentioned as the third unemployed village in Semnan province in official statistics. A village in a relatively desert area where agriculture and animal husbandry have limited production capacity. But the industrialization of this village was an important and strange event that has already left its positive effect after many years; The traces of Teb plastic are clearly visible along the main road of Tehran-Mashhad near the village of Dehmola, which it technical buildings are several decades old.

روستایی که بیکار ندارد

Creating an industrial site in the dimensions of Teb plastic has caused that the view of ordinary people be different to the industrial activities. In a situation where many residents of Dehmola village have found good information and industrial knowledge from Teb plastic and finally have used this knowledge and experience in the path of their success.

Its output can be seen in current events during the peak days of unemployment which have occured in the corona outbreak