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Awarding a certificate of observance of consumer rights to Teb Plastic Company

In the ceremony of holding the fourth conference for awarding certificates for observing the rights of consumers in the province And the celebration of the top economic units, which was held on 16 Shahrivar in the presence of national and provincial official. Teb Plastic Company for the third time succeeded in receiving a certificate of Consumer rights observation in Semnan province.

According to the public relations and information report of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Semnan Province,65 units, including production, industrial, mining industries, authorized car dealers, applied to participate in the selection process of the best unit in compliance with consumer rights. During the evaluation, 34 units succeeded in awarding certificates in this field.

The process of technical evaluation of certification of compliance consumer rights had held with the presence of representatives of the executive organs of the province such as the governorate, economy and finance, standards, the University of Medical Sciences and the Association for the Protection of Consumer Rights. After hold meetings and evaluate the applicant units, the Superior units were selected.

It should be noted that Semnan province has 2020 industrial production units.

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