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social responsibility

“We are with you” is a message to the community which we live.Our view on this slogan is not limited to the business world As a responsible legal citizen, we consider the protection of culture, environment and community health as an important part of our duties. Over the years, our social responsibility has taken the form of supporting the vulnerable groups, environment, sports, culture, education, and the arts.You can see the full list of our activities in this area:

“There is water, but it is not enough” campaign

If we know that Iran has passed the stage of preparation for the risk of water crisis by being in a predominantly hot and dry climate and increasing population in recent decades and inefficient management of water consumption at the family and community level. And now that it is in danger, we may be able to make a small contribution to water conservation. We are also aware of the global and national issue of water crisis and with the aim of creating a stream of enlightenment and culture about water conservation,In our company, we formed the “There is water, but it is not enough” campaign.With this campaign, we minimized water consumption within our organization. Of course, this campaign is the beginning of an effort that our huge family sees as part of its mission and its value is more than social responsibility

Recruitment and training of trainees

In order to train a part of the country’s expert force and in line with our social responsibility We have put the recruitment of trainees in different fields on our agenda. Dear applicants, note that the internship period in this company is 3 to 6 months And while completing the information form, the selection process will have done by face-to-face interviews

Support of research and development

In order to meet its scientific and research needs and develop the applied research,We support the research and development issues. Organizing and managing research projects And fulfilling the our research priorities, Support for academic and student dissertations, present a database of articles and dissertations are the activities which are done in this direction.

Support of Mehr Soheila Charity

Mehr Soheila Charity is an active charity in Iran that has been established to fund children with cancer.We support the institution in paying for the treatment of cancer patients several years.a budget has been allocated to support the activities of this charity this year same as before

Employee safety

Human resources are our most important asset and it is our duty to protect of this asset. This company, in line with its strategic orientations in order to achieve the transformation system of health and safety of human resources This valuable asset of the organization suppose as one of its main priorities And as one of the leading companies in this field,Promoting occupational health and safety in the company and as well as in the country is one of its missions And in this regard, it has formulated its policy and plans.

useful book plan Reading and knowing for sublimation

Believing in the importance of reading and consideration of this fact that every enterprise and economic organization has a responsibility to the world around it We have also encouraged reading in the framework of the “Useful Book” project with the aim of encouraging reading And tries to contribute to the sublimation of people’s minds and souls.

In this regard, the following measures have been taken:

  • Printing and donating books to customers
  • Discount cards for online bookstores