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But and if the coronary disposable tableware market

Magazine: disposable tableware market in COVID 19, the world of economy, The plastics and disposable container industry has received a lot of attention these days along with COVID 19 Because according to the health protocols announced by the World Health Organization, plastics are known as a kind of protector of human life and health. Despite the damage they do to the environment in case of not recycled properly, increase the consumer demand for these products. In our country, the effect of Corona virus on the consumption of plastics, especially disposable containers, is clearly evident. Because on the one hand, the usual reusable dishes that were always used in restaurants and public places have now been replaced by disposable dishes that can be washed and disinfected And there is a growing demand for plastics. On the other hand, in our country and many neighboring countries, every year at certain times of the year due to religious holidays and ceremonies, the demand for these dishes increased. This year, due to the epidemic of coronavirus and the reduction of such ceremonies to comply, the demand has reached to minimum. For this reason, the prospects of the plastic container industries as well as the polymer industries that produce the raw materials used in these containers have been faced with many problems. Therefore, in a more detailed study of this issue, “World of Economy” has interviewed Mehdi Azad Maleki, a market expert in plastic and disposable container

مهندس آزادملکی طب پلاستیک

Given the approaching days of Muharram along with the limitations of the Corona virus, what is your estimate of the volume of demand for disposable tableware?

The experience of the past years shows that the consumption of disposable container, especially in the first decade of Muharram, increased sharply. so, the volume of demand for these products in the market changed significantly. But this year we are facing different conditions that are unexampled in the world.Following this issue, there is no movement to increase the demand for disposable container these days as in previous years. Because of the culture of consumption has been accompanied by major changes due to health considerations. For instance, in previous years, disposable spoons and forks were considered in high demand, but now we see that the volume of demand has decreased. In addition, we are witnessing a migration of demand between different products of disposable container. most of the consumer demand these days has shifted towards the use of packaging containers that are less permeable and so-called more secure. So that even the owners of vows are willing to consider the health of the people in addition to fulfilling their vows.Hence, there is a high demand for utilizing containers with safer packaging.Therefore, not only has the demand for disposable container changed, but there have also been changes in the use of the type of products that have been purchased.

What are the changes of disposable container market ?

Prior to the coronavirus, crowded neighborhoods, companies, restaurants and reception halls used reusable containers. But now their consumption culture has changed and they want to use disposable dishes that can be disinfected. Even former consumers of disposable container have been decide to use the microwavable and washable products. In the past, spoons and forks were available to the public in bulk, uncoated, and exposed to the air. But now food suppliers are trying to use spoons and forks as single and sealed In this way, they can create suretence in customers and continue their activities.

Therefore, the demand for disposable container has been growing significantly.But part of the demand for disposable container is also for household consumption.Now that the outbreak of the coronavirus has also affected family parties and occasions, causing a significant drop in such travel, this drop in demand has been significant.However, due to health issues these days, it is expected that more than the current figures will be directed towards the use of disposable container packages, as it seems in many reception halls and restaurants reusable utensils are used as in the pre-Corona period.

However, if more monitoring is done, the demand for disposable tableware will grow significantly, which will not only help keep people healthy, but also jobs that are now closed and semi-closed, perhaps returning to work while maintaining health tips.

How was the consumption of plastics between Eid Ghorban and Ghadir compared to previous years?

Generally, in these feasts, catering was experienced in the form of distributing syrup and using disposable glasses in delegations and stations, and this year the vows were significantly reduced. And people tried to change the use of their vows as much as possible to protect the health of consumers.Thus, the demand for disposable cups, which was booming during the same period, fell to less than 20 percent.

in current situation, what is your suggestion for the more success of manufacturers of disposable container industries?

Suppliers should first pay attention to the fact that due to the growing demand for higher security plastic products, they should direct their production methods in this direction And consider the migration of demand among their products and take steps to meet the needs of applicants. But the important point here is the concern about the rapid growth of plastic consumption, which can cause serious damage to the environment. Given the positive and growing future prospects for plastics production, the focus is on policies that strengthen the plastic recycling use of plastics somehow tied to human health Today the increasing of use these obvious.Therefore, instead of being pessimistic about the growth of consumption of these products in macroeconomic decision-making, it is necessary to increase the supportive view of these industries.And use a methods which encourage manufacturers and even consumers to recycle plastic.

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