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what is IML?

IML or in mold labling means labeling inside the mold at the same time as producing the container.n containers produced by this method, the label becomes an integral part of the body of the container.This new labeling method is a newer and superior to direct printing on containers or older methods of labeling.

Today, manufacturers are well aware of the importance and impact of superior packaging in the selection of their products by customers.modern packaging In addition to protecting the product, brings easy and economical transportation, nice appearance, variety of designs and colors, and a competitive price.

IML Containers have all the features needed for a stylish export package, including common and hygienic standards

what are the benefits of IML?

  • Attracting customers due to the beauty and impressiveness of the product
  • Creating more added value on the product and improve sales
  • No pollution of containers during production and packaging due to the use of special ligaments
  • Longer shelf life of products in order to retain the health of domestic consumers -Reusability in home use
  • Free and permanent product advertising due to the high stability of photo printing on packaging
  • high quality logo colors and photos printed on dishes and variety in design
  • Competitive price and affordability of these dishes
  • Much higher label resistance to the water and rough surfaces

Can packaging containers be used in the microwave?

Yes. The best temperature is to 125 degrees Celsius.

Can these products be washed and reused?

Yes, you can use these products up to 3 times, although we recommend a single use.

Are these containers recyclable?

Biodegradable containers of cornstarch are usually recycled However, the volume available to recycle these containers is not large enough Because the use of such containers is not yet widespread. Therefore, building a recycling center for them is not justifiable.