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Who we are??

Teb Plastic industrial group, national distinguished producer and provincial distinguished exporter of disposable pharmaceutical and food hygienic containers, started its production activity in 1998 with the brand of Teb plastic and production of Plastic disposable containers with the aim of meeting domestic needs and entering competitive markets in the region.The production of the best products by using the latest technology in the world and the use of the best raw materials, along with the special attention of the manager of company to health , are the basic factors of the success of the Teb plastic company in the domestic as well as regional area.At present, Teb Plastic Complex with the launch of the third production unit in Semnan province in 1390 along with the aim of achievement to the latest technology in the world , regional and European markets has established its production unit in Turkey in 2010. This has led to the expansion of export activities to Germany, Russia, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Iraq and Afghanistan.This company has been able to offer a new definition of the export of disposable polymer products by producing high quality products, various and high volume so that the countries of the region recognize Iran with the products of this company and its satellites as the disposable hub of the region. Teb Plastic Company in 2012 succeeded in receiving a certificate of compliance with consumer rights by the Consumer Protection Organization to add this certificate to its showcase of honors.Also in the same year, this company succeeded in launching its research and development unit in order to take a big step in the field of modern technologies in the world.

Why Tebplastic??

national distinguished producer

distinguished module of consumer rights

Completely hygienic production process

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Sales centers in the country

Teb Plastic Store, Southwest side of Ghiam Square, Tehran

021-33510392 - 6

Saturday to Thursday: 9 to 19 and Friday: 9 to 13

Teb plastic co, Kalhor Boulevard, Babaselman,shahriyar


Saturday to Thursday: 9 to 19 and Friday: 11 to 14

next to Tejarat Bank,between Mosalla 7 and 9 - ,Mosalla Boulevard, Mashhad


Saturday to Thursday: 9 to 19 and Friday: 11 to 14

Omid Store, Corner of Shahid Khan Mohammadi Alley, Enghelab St. Khorramabad (Alshtar Gate)

066-33335695 _ 09370600640 _ 09309520664

Saturday to Thursday: 9 to 19 and Friday: 11 to 14

Teb plastic store, above the taxi station, Kourosh street, Qazvin


Saturday to Thursday: 9 to 19 and Friday: 11 to 14


Tebplastic Catolog


PDF file Introducing the company, capabilities and products of Teb Plastic Company