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Instructions for buying and consuming disposable polymer containers

  1. Disposable polymer containers are mainly classified with different types of polymers such as PVC, PET, PS, PP and PE. PE and PP based containers are recommended for all consumption in case of consumers’ interest. Regarding PET, PVC and PS containers, instruction of usage is necessary.
  2. due to the fact that new polymers generally do not have any odor or taste thus disposable dishes should not have any smell or taste.
  3. consume of colorless disposable containers are preferable
  4. have a health license from the Ministry of Health for All disposable containers is compulsory
  5. Disposable containers should not be bought bulk and must be stored in a dry and light-free places in closed bags.
  6. disposable containers could not change the smell, taste and color of foods at all so in case of any changes consumption of these containers are not allowed.
  7. The use of PP and PE plastic bags, preferably colorless and unprinted, no smell and moisture-free in contact with all food, including fresh bread, meat and dairy products is unobstructed.

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