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Buckets are available in different sizes from 300 to 1300 cc, which have sealed locks and are completely strong. In this case new templates have been ordered.

Container capability:

These containers can be used in freezers and microwaves and because polypropylene is less brittle, it can be used in various industries.


Due to the volume of investment, Teb Plastic Company has taken action to make IML containers.Due to the fact that all the lines of this company are robotic, it has the ability to provide IML on dishes in different directions and shapes and has its own domestic and international customer in this field.

Consumption cases:

According to 25 years of experience and the volume of investment which made to buy different machines.Teb plastic Novin has been become a large packaging complex that has the ability to provide a suitable solution for packaging to its customers.

One of these industries is the food industry .These dishes are used in restaurant and delivery foods and foods that do not require high shelf life and should be consumed within 1 to 2 weeks. It is also used in the packaging of foods that require a longer shelf life, such as dates, ice cream, and so on.

Teb Plastic is the only company in the country that works in the field of ultra-thin containers.These containers have high transparency and at the same time maintain the strength and specifications of polypropylene.

These features have made these dishes very popular in the food industry.These containers can also be used for home use and to pack food in the freezer.They can also be used to heat food in the microwave.

On the other hand, these dishes are also used in non-food industrial industries.In fact, the use of these dishes is very unlimited.